Video Presentation - Conceptual Model of Transracial Adoptee Developmental Social Psychology

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

This is a first draft of a video presentation on transracial adoption and mental health which I hope to improve over time. Fair warning: this may be a bit dry if you're not accustomed to academic presentations. Once the sharp edges are sanded down and the finish is buffed to a high sheen, I plan to use this talk for speaking engagements. The presentation will also be transformed into one of the closing chapters of my memoir, where I will integrate personal experience with the research literature and point to new directions for future research. While I make many points that I've assembled from the work of others, I haven't yet formalized the presentation with necessary citations. I intend to conduct careful reviews of literature in each of the buckets of the model and incorporate these into future drafts and the planned chapter. As it stands, this presentation needs a lot of work and I welcome your comments and suggestions at each stage along the way. Please reach out and let me know where you find it difficult or if something strikes you as particularly meaningful. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! A gentle reminder: please subscribe to this page in the form below!

The video run time is approximately 12 minutes. Peace.

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