Human Library: 4.18.2021

On April 18th, I will present my story for the second time in an online event hosted by The Human Library. As a reminder, their slogan is "Unjudge Someone." That's a mission I can get behind! The goal of this 20-year-old non-profit organization is to challenge stigma and stereotypes through personal interaction. I'll be serving as a "book" in an event sponsored by the New York City chapter. More details about time and sign up to follow.

Each time I tell my story, it's a bit different. Today, I'll be framing my current work in terms of restorative justice. In this framework, I focus on making those harmed by the culture and practices of adoption whole again instead of focusing the perpetrators of those harms. Check out the link below to learn about the Human Library and to sign up for the NYC event.

Check it out, it could be eye-opening and fun!


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