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Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The Human Library's slogan is "Unjudge Someone." I love that. The goal of this 20-year-old non-profit organization is to challenge stigma and stereotypes through personal interaction. I'll be serving as a "book" in an event sponsored by the New York City chapter for the first time on January 24th.

It's a really cool organization in which "books," like me, share our stories with "readers." So, I'm a human book! I'll tell my story and then have time to answer any questions from my readers. My title is "Transracial Adoption and Mental Health" at least, that what I think I titled myself. My plan is to emphasize the challenges for transracial adoptees in negotiating our (at least) two ethnic identities, neither of which fully accept us while we may make legitimate claims to each. I value these kinds of opportunities to open minds about the complexities of transracial adoption and childhood trauma for people who may not have considered these issues much before. Check out the links below to learn about the Human Library and to sign up for the NYC event.

Check it out, it could be eye-opening and fun!


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