Michael Rocco is the pen/birth name of an American writer and social scientist writing about childhood trauma and mental health. His previous academic work focused on the mental health and adjustment of racial and ethnic minorities in the US. He has published widely in peer-reviewed academic journals and has produced reports to both nonprofit agencies and governmental entities. His work has been presented at dozens of professional conferences, to decision makers and to lay audiences alike. Born to Latin American parents, Michael was adopted by a non-Hispanic white family and raised in the northeastern United States. In his debut creative non-fiction book (in preparation), he combines his personal story of childhood adversity with scholarly expertise to invite the reader inside his experience as a transracial adoptee struggling with childhood trauma, adoption, racism, ethnic identity, mental illness and addiction. Written as a psychological thriller, Vital Signs: Things We Know by Heart portrays one individual's struggle with a common set of difficulties faced by transracial adoptees. It is a journey of discovering false narratives and deceptions through which certain forms of social violence are left quietly unexamined.

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